Chesley Kennedy: (910) 639-9744


Purchased from his previous business partner in 2017, Chesley Kennedy owns CVOK, LLC, a Christian-based, family-owned and operated company that combines sold core business values and highly trained and experienced industry professionals. CVOK, LLC is your ultimate turn-key home improvement company from initial design to new builds, additions, full or partial renovations and restoration of all types. 

Our professional staff of experts build renovate and remodel rooms and entire homes, and provide top-quality restoration services.

A Note to Insurance Companies: CVOK, LLC is truly committed to serving your agency and its clients with the best and most professional services available. Your policyholders are imortant to us because they are the MOST important to you! Next time disaster strikes one of your clients, give us CVOK, LLC the opportunity to serve your agency. It's a professional relationship you will truly appreciate.

Upon notification of a claim, CVOK, LLC mobilizes immediately to assess the damage, estimate the time and materials needed to fix the damage, and provide all services to correct the damage.  We are trained to handle water and fire remediation claims. We hire Industry of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified technicians

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